Death comes to all of us, but we must choose to remember our loved one's lives and not the pain of their death. I know how hard it is. My own Mom, Dad and Precious Brother are now in heaven with Jesus. When life is hard, ‘‘Look Up.’’

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When is the last time you said, ‘‘Thank You’’ to a veteran? So many have lost their lives or been injured physically or mentally trying to protect this great country of ours. Please let them know you care. Why not send a card to a veterans’ hospital or take time and visit. If you can afford it, make a donation to your local veteran association.

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When you are going through heartache, have you ever stopped to watch the signs God will send to remind you he is still there with you? It could be young child who turns to smile at you or a bird singing the beautiful song or it might be a bright rainbow.
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Recently I have been getting lots of requests from those who have cancer. I also receive emails for dementia and other illnesses. The poems on the website are faith based poems of hope. They are to remind you that God is with you.  
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Someone you know has just died and you don't know what to do. You want to help their family, but aren't sure what to say or how to act. Is it okay to call and express your deepest sympathy? Should you go to their home and talk face to face? What if it is part of your own family, a close friend or someone you hardly know, what should you do?

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Mission Statement
Heavens Roll Call’s main purpose is to share the love of Jesus by offering faith-filled inspirational poems of hope, the written word of God through Bible verses with scripture, a listening ear and by the provision of needed material support in cases of acute need. This will be accomplished through the Heaven’s Roll Call web pages, email or letter correspondence, and verbal communication either in person or over the telephone.


Heaven’s Roll Call is a 501 ⟨c⟩ 3 Christian nonprofit ministry that uses Christian inspirational uplifting poems and Christian Bible verses with scripture to help those grieving the death of a loved one. It’s main purpose is to let you know that God loves you and there are still people in this world who care and want to help you through your pain. After any heartache, sickness, or loss, God’s word in the form of an inspirational poem may help bring you comfort in the days ahead. The website is available 24∕7 and all emails are usually answered in 24  48 hours.


     The Heavens Roll Call website offers Christian uplifting poems after death, poems of encouragement and Bible verses with Bible Scripture. Whenever you go through any trials, you can visit the website 24/7 and read faith filled poems of comfort and praise. The Christian poems are to remind you that your Heavenly Father walks beside you and loves you. If you would like a new poem emailed to you each month, have a prayer request or have any comments on the website, please click on the Contact/Free Poem page above.  Also be sure to check out the pulldowns on each button above to see more poem categories. Many of the poems work in different categories so be sure to check it out.

      The name Heaven’s Roll Call officially came into being on October 2nd, 2001. October 2 was also the day that my only brother, Douglas Roy Lueck, was killed in Vietnam in 1966. At that time, my intent was to sell my Christian inspirational poems on death and dying along with my photography and Christian Bible verses, but it didn’t seem right to ask someone to pay for God’s comforting words after the death of their loved one or any heartache. For many years I would go through the obituaries and send an uplifting poem with a note to a family after the loss of their child or mate. The word obituary seemed so cold and didn’t describe the list of names so I prayed and asked God for a more deserving name. Upon awakening the next morning, Heaven’s Roll Call was on my lips. What a better way to describe those who have gone ahead to heaven!

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Inspirational Poems after Death of a Loved One and Other Poems

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